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Shannon Reardon

Mom, Personal Trainer, Wilderness Guide, Athlete

My love affair with the outdoors was a long time coming.  I grew up as a tomboy in the era when I wasn't allowed inside until the street lamps came on.  As I grew my wanderlust gave way to sports and academia.  After graduating from SUNY Plattsburgh I could not get away from the North Country fast enough, I felt the mountains held no place for me. After traveling for years I found myself yearning for the Adirondacks, making many pilgrimages back to see my family and relax. 

Something about these mountains kept calling me back.  

I came back 13 years ago and have never looked back.  I became a guide, a search and rescue K9 handler, certified in all sorts of technical rescue but most importantly a mom.  

I love seeing my playground through the eyes of others.  I use my background to help others achieve success when they think they can't possibly accomplish something. It is my greatest pleasure to help others free their mind and soul through nature.

In was the students I work with that gave me the trail name of "Fierce Mama Bear"..because first and foremost everyone's safety is my number one concern and I protect everyone as if they are my own kin.


WHY "Adventures with Oakland"

adventures with oakland.jpg

Oakland was my best friend. Born March of 2007 Oakland and his sister Inca became part of my family.  He was trained to be a search and rescue K9 which meant he and I spent every waking moment together, and let's face it he slept in my bed as well.  He was my big goofy floppy eared give kisses all day long fool.  He was great at his job until a shredded achilles ended his career, after that he and I just went on hikes.  He would often join me on trips with clients, leading the way and making friends on the trails. 

In 2017 Oakland lost his front leg due to an injury sustained protecting me from a dog attack.  He never lost his wandering spirit though, still going on short walks down to the river, knowing that if he got tired I would always carry him home.  He passed away peacefully in his sleep April of 2020 with me lying by his side, and now his ashes reside next to my bed, so that I can talk to him daily.  

When I decided to finally put my guiding business out there on a social platform I changed the name to reflect that while he may be gone Oakland will forever be my adventure buddy. Hopefully those who join us can feel his spirit with us too!

Adventures with Oakland utilizes freelance guides in our area for adventures!

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